Turnaround Time

Upto 7 working days

 DTF & UVDTF PRINTING TIMES -  Order Thurs-Sun 8pm will be printed Monday || Order Mon-Wed 8pm will be printed Friday.


What is a TAT (Turn Around Time)

TAT is the time between when you place your order with me, and when I'm able to dispatch your order. For example, if the stated time was upto 7 working days, that means I allow myself upto 7 working days to get your order prepared and dispatched. Working days do not include bank holidays or weekends.

If an order is placed on a Bank holiday or weekend, the TAT time starts from the next working day.

Delivery from my mail provider is not included in my turnaround time. Once I have dispatched your order, the delivery from the provider to you is seperate and the delivery aim time is out of my control. All of my orders unless specified otherwise, are dispatched via 2nd class tracked with Royal Mail, their delivery timeframe is around 3-4 working days but please allow upto 10 working days due to ongoing strikes and staff shortages.

I pride myself on offering a 5* customer service, however I am a 1 woman show and in addition to UniversalTransfersUK I have an additional job, busy personal life and 2 young children. I try to be as transparent and realistic with meeting my TAT, and from time to time I may increase or lower it depending on how busy I am, but please know the TAT has been set to help both you and I manage expectations for when your order may arrive. There may be orders I can despatch within a few days, and others may take the full estimated TAT.

If you are not happy to potentially wait for my full turnaround time, or plan to message me every other day for an update, then please don't order as it causes unnecessary stress and anixety for both you and me. 

Need to get in touch? Contact us - support@utuk.freshdesk.com


Ordering RTS (Ready to sell)

In 2023 I launched my new RTS section on the site full of a variety of products. If you add items that are on the site along with items that are NOT RTS, for example customs, they will all be shipped within 7 working days as per above.