Gang Sheet Builder Video Library

Hi Besties!

I know the Gang Sheet Builder is an amazing tool and I have no doubt that all suppliers will end up using this tool but for now, I'm one of very few and know it can be a little daunting, so alongside full instructions below, I hope to make a library of videos and continue to help teach you, enable you to grow and make sales, and ultimately, provide yiou with a 5 star service and product.

Now you can find our full FAQs here, as this page is just for the Gang sheet builder.



How to use our Auto Builder feature to get instant quotes for your customers!


MORE coming soon!

Upcoming Tutorials:

  • How to use the new Auto builder feature!
  • How to create a simple single transfer design
  • How to create a gang sheet of multiple designs
  • How to use the "remove background" feature
  • How to use templates
  • How to search for designs