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Custom UV-DTF transfer (with gang sheet builder)

Custom UV-DTF transfer (with gang sheet builder)

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This item has been customised by you and is made to order! That means it will take upto 7 working days to arrive.

Build your own Gang Sheet

 This listing is for ordering custom UV-DTF Decals that can be stuck onto most hard surfaces.

The following sizes are available :

  • 3" wide / 7.62cm transfer (max of 4" high)
  • 16oz Libby can wrap/Theme sheet (9.6" x 4.7" / 24.38cm x 11.93cm)
  • 16oz coldcup Decal  (10.3" x 4.1" / 26.12cm x 10.41cm)
  • 24oz coldcup Decal  (11.4" x 6.4" / 28.95cm x 16.25cm)
  • A3 sheet transfer (11.7" x 16.5" / 29.71cm x 41.91cm)
  • Half Meter transfer (22" x 19" / 55.88cm x 48.26cm)
  • 1 Meter transfer (22" x 38"/ 55.88cm x 96.52cm)

For best results, please either use a computer, or if on your mobile, tap the top 3 dots in the top right corner and in the menu select "desktop mode". This will force your browser to show the website as if you were on your computer and you will see all the features in the video below.

Brace yourself, this is about to be a lot of information haha, we know some things can seem daunting, but we wanted every single one of our customers to feel comfortable using our amazing tool, no matter their technical experience, so we've wrote these extensive details to help breakdown the process as we can 100% guarantee, once you have familiarised yourself with our amazing gang sheet builder, you won't want to order anywhere else haha. To order custom DTF or UVDTF you can use our online gang sheet builder.
You can select if you want DTF (for clothes that require a method of heat and pressure to apply) - Or select if you want UV-DTF (which is a permanent water resistant sticker that you apply like a sticker. Not to be washed in the dishwasher or in hot water or microwaved.) -

On the listing, there are various canvas sizes depending on the project you're working on. Select the canvas size you want and then select "Build your own gang sheet". You can use the builder on both a mobile or on a computer/laptop. We suggest a computer/laptop for the best experience. 

Once on the builder, you'll see a pop up asking if you want to start a new sheet, Open a previously ordered sheet, or use our new Auto Build sheet. To get started you have the ability to upload a photo from your device, or choose from the gallery. The gallery is full of over 7,000 designs. I've broken the images down into categories for ease. You can opt to search popular names like "Stitch", "Fortnite", "Disney" etc or use the dropdown categories for browsing our designs. You'll notice recommended sizes in some of the title names to help you, for example, "16oz libby cup wraps (Recommended size 9.6" x 4.7)".  We even have templates you can upload and size to the recommended size and then layer over, for example making your own motel keyring, or 24oz wrap! Just remember to remove the template before you save :P

By selecting an image it adds it to your project, you can continue in this manner until all the images you want to use are showing and then tap on an image to add it to your canvas. You can then select the image and see its dimensions. You can choose to keep the image "locked" and resize the Width or Height and it will automatically resize the other to keep the image proportions. Or unlocked will allow you to freely manipulate the image - Please note this feature should be used by experts only. You can even Duplicate the image for a fast way to build your sheet as it will set the images out based on your margin guide. We have it auto set for a nice space allowing room to cut between your designs.

When resizing the design, you may notice the colour of the box around the design changing colour to red, If the designs don't look blurry, then its fine, but its a bug with the app as even if you make it 1cm bigger it goes red, so please disregard it, as long as it doesn't look blurry, it will be fine.

Once all designs are added and your sheet is complete, Save and add to cart and you can either repeat the process for your next sheet, or make your purchase.

Please note for customs, I print on Mondays and Thursdays,

Orders put in Thursday - Sunday 8pm will be printed Monday and dispatched Tues/Wed depending on order levels.
Orders put in Mon - Wed 8pm will be printed Thursday and dispatched Friday/Monday depending on order levels.

If you are ever unsure about the artwork, please feel free to leave a note in the comments section before you checkout and let us know your concerns and we can take a look before we print. We can reach out to you via email and let you know if we also have concerns and allow you to decide if you want to continue with the order or resubmit the art etc.

Please note, if we do email you back, this may delay when your order will be dispatched, as we require upto 48 hours to reply to emails ( as our small team only work M-F.

If you made it this far, we hope you go ahead and give it a go and if you ever have any feedback about the process, or even want to request designs that we can add to the builder for you, we're always interested in hearing from you, so feel free to get in touch anytime by email.

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