Support A Bestie Project

Support A Bestie Project

What is the SUPPORT-A-BESTIE project??
The Support-A-Bestie Project was created May 2024. Its a way to highlight small businesses every fortnight! Place an order from the small business within the 2 weeks they are featured if you can*, and post a screenshot of the proof of purchase in the comments in our Facebook group here. Every fortnight a new Bestie will be drawn from those that purchased from the last Bestie.

*You may not be in a position to purchase and thats fine, you can still give them a follow on their socials, comment on some of their content and help them with engagement! SUPPORT COMES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES ❤
Join the official UTUK Facebook group to see the latest featured bestie and how you can support them!

Want to show your support too? Get involved!

You can shop our "Support-a-bestie"  reccomendation cards below.



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