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Shopify Build a website - Bestie package!

Shopify Build a website - Bestie package!

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So you're thinking about starting a Shopify website, or you have one but haven't gottens started yet? Well the Bestie package is just what you need!

Here's what's included:

- Theme installation & setup including any free apps that may assist you with sales.
- Layout custom made to match to your logo/branding.
- Uploading upto 50 product listings for you which includes but isn't limited to images, product descriptions, weight for shipping and tags. *Additional products listings can be purchased if you have more products*
- Creating a navigation menu, pages, email marketing, and shipping fees.
- Aftercare to ensure you feel confident to maintain
- Assistance can be given if you need it with obtaining a custom domain if needed.

Once purchased You will need to send the following information after you order:

- Your Shopify URL if you have one set up.
- Your Social media handles, including your facebook group if you have one.
- Your Logo
- How you might want your website to look? Specific collections you might want to see on the home page.
- Your colour theme or branding- If you've seen any websites that you like the look of, please include their URLS and why you like them.
- Your product photos sent via to (If you want to specifically name all 50 products I list for you, please save each product photo as the name you want it listed as, however this optional)

Please note. I wont be able to start working on your website until I have the above information. I aim to complete any websites within 2 weeks. Before any work starts I always communicate with you via email and gather any and all information I think I may need that may have been missed to complete your website.


8" Wide (Max 12" high)

How do I apply?

8" DTF Transfer that requires heat and pressure to adhere to garments.

DTF Hot Peel Transfer Instructions: 


150-160 degrees celsius for 20 seconds with heavy pressure and peel hot.

Lay Teflon sheet over design and 2nd press 8 seconds


130-140 degrees celsius for 15 seconds with heavy pressure and peel hot.

Lay Teflon sheet over design and 2nd press 8 seconds

 Cricut, Cricut Mini and household iron (COLD PEEL)

160 degrees celsius for 20 seconds with heavy pressure and let cool completely before peeling.

Lay Teflon sheet over design and 2nd press 8 seconds.

These instructions are a guide as some heat presses give different results. Test transfers are provided for you with your first order, or order an additional Test transfer pack with your order first to find the best settings for your press.


 Top Tip for transfers:

When peeling your first tester transfer, make sure your temp is 150-160 and ensure your pressure is set to heavy. It should take 2 hands to shut your press! Leave for 10-15 seconds and try peeling from one corner SLOWLY. If you notice some of the transfer is still on the transfer, put it back down and press again for another 5-7 seconds. Then try again. If it hasn't stuck down or is peeling away, put it back down and adust your pressure to a tighter pressure, and press again for 5-7 seconds. Then try again and repeat this process to find the perfect setting.  Once it's worked, then get your second transfer and try again for 10-15 seconds at that pressure and adjust based on your heat press settings. 


Care Instructions

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