Transfer Treats! - How to save £!

Transfer Treats! - How to save £!

Let's talk points aka Transfer Treats!

The points currency here on UniversalTransfersUK is Transfer Treats! Like any good points card, you can earn points and redeem them to get money off. You can even reccomend another customer to the website, and if they go onto make a purchase, both them and you get 50 points! 


How to sign up?

Simply visit on your phone or computer and in the bottom right corner, tap on the Black rewards button! 

You can then either login, if you have an account, otherwise go to join and create an account! 

How to earn points?

Earning points couldn't be easier, You can earn some straight away after signing up! Simply go to the Rewards button, ensure you are signed in, and you'll see the Rewards menu where you can earn points, redeem points, set up your code to refer others to earn points, and view your current vouchers in your rewards, as well as a breakdown of your current balance and how you earnt those points.

If you go to earn points, you'll see the options available to you to earn points!


How to redeem points?

To redeem your points, go to the Rewards button, ensure you are signed in, and go to 'Redeem points' and you'll see all the rewards you're able to redeem.

Once redeemed, you can use it then and there on your order, and either copy the code, or use the "Apply now! button, or find the code later in your "My Rewards" section in the Rewards Menu.



Reccomend a friend with your own personalised code!

Now this one, has got to be my favourite! You guys are AMAZING at sharing my VIP page and website in other groups and I'll never be able to thank you enough for helping others find out about my small business, so I wanted to create a way for you to create your own personalised link so that when you are reccomending me to friends, or if you see someone post in a group where they are looking for DTF or UVDTF, you can tag the group and me, and type out the website AND give them your discount link they get 50 points and you get 50 points and that's well on your way to getting 15% off an order!

So how do you get your own code? EASY!

Go to the Rewards button, ensure you are signed in, and go to 'Referal Programe' and then 'Refer a friend' and copy and paste your own URL and once they have made a purchase and it's been fulfilled, you will both get 50 points!




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