How UniversaltransfersUK tools can help you start making sales ASAP!

How UniversaltransfersUK tools can help you start making sales ASAP!

I'm just about to drop over 100 new designs and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make a little blog post to go alongside the drop to help you navigate how to use the tools I'm providing to make sales. No matter when you read this, the information here will still apply and you can use the link here to visit the Gdrive to find all the current images on the website - HERE

Why use mockups?

When selling clothing, I found I made more sales by showing my potential customers what the finished garment would look like. So I wanted to create a tool for you to advertise these designs with next to NO work involved.

The beauty of print-on-demand using UniversalTranfersUK as a tool, is you don't need to spend a single penny to get started. You can download the mockups, upload them to where you are selling and begin your journey. Once you've made your first sale, you can then come to my site, purchase your transfer and blank and you're ready to go! There is no need to shell out ££ on every size you want to offer and have it sit gathering dust or taking up space. 


What's the difference between the 2 files on the Gdrive?

The new drop of designs are now on the G-drive folder for all my VIP group to use. There are 2 folders for the March drop. There is the "RTS" - which stands for Ready to sell folder, and there is the "Designs" folder - which is a transparent version of each design with a simple watermark over it.

RTS - The Ready to sell mock-up is literally just that. It showcases the DTF design on a mockup of a person in a garment. I tend to use one on a colour garment I know I sell ( the last thing you want is to offer it on a colour you can't sell :P )

TRANSPARENT DESIGN - The transparent design is the .png file with a simple "do not copy" watermark over the top which you can save. I know people use many different mockups, depending on what they want to offer the design on, like a tote bag, or a hoodie, and perhaps you only offer certain colours, and the design on the RTS version isn't one you want to offer. Well with the transparent design, you can download it and add it to your own mockups.


What do I do with the files?

I am of the opinion, that just because I like a design, doesn't mean others will and vice versa, so I would always recommend downloading ALL the designs from the RTS folder from the latest drop. They have all been saved with the same names as the ones on my site, so you can easily search any of the design names to find the product when it comes to purchasing. It also saves you from thinking of names to save or upload them as they already are saved to your own shop.

Once you have them saved onto a folder on your computer, you're ready to start uploading and making sales!

If you have an Etsy or Shopify, you can use these RTS mockups on your listings and offer them in your chosen colours, sizes and garments. Please be mindful of using copyrighted designs as your website/shop could be reported, closed and fined.

My favourite way to make sales is either on a Facebook group page. If you don't have one, I would 100% recommend starting one as it's a great place to share images quickly to offer a pre-order. Simply do a post and upload ALL of the images from the drop and in the comments, have the 1st comment the size guides for each and attach the colour garments they can pick from!

Make sure you state in your post the KEY information:

Garments available - If you're offering hoodies, sweatshirts and T-shirts, be sure to tell your audience, and let them know they can mix and match the designs on ANY of the garments you offer.

Garment Colours - If you're offering multiple colours, let your audience know. "Pick any colour garment for your design to go on" is such a powerful statement for someone to be able to order and pick the design, and the colour garment it can go on.

Sizes - Tell your audience what sizes you're offering. Not sure? Purchase your blanks from me and you can call yourself a size-inclusive business as you'll be offering sizes Newborn up to a UK34 and everything in between! 

Prices - I can't stress how important it is to display your prices and say it with confidence! It can be a HUGE put-off seeing someone " DM me for prices" in the comments. Be transparent, Let them know the cost.

Other helpful information - You may wish to offer them custom designs, or " Want another size or garment I don't have listed, just let me know and we can do it for you!".

Now, it's important to use key language. Let them know it's a Pre-Order and they need to order by X date. "Run, don't walk! These are going to fly off the shelf so don't miss out on treating yourself to these amazing designs." Create urgency with your audience!

Now, let's talk about pricing.

Where can I get decent garments that aren't too expensive?

I found it got expensive when I'd buy garments as and when orders came in, as I was paying £8 shipping each time and that quickly adds up! So I've started stocking both Size inclusive Tshirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies in my blanks section in the hopes to be a bit of a one-stop shop for you. So when you're purchasing your DTF transfers for orders, you can order their t-shirt etc alongside it so everything comes together! You can find a link to my blanks here -

Each garment page has a size guide and clearly shows the colours I offer, which I'm super proud of as a plus size woman myself, offering size-inclusive clothing in more colours than just black is a huge plus for me, and it will be for you customers too!


 How should I price my products?

Great question, Let me share with you my prices so you can work out what you would be paying, which also helps link into pre-ordering that we were talking about above, as it will work out more profitable, if you're ordering multiple designs from me, vs just 1.


So DTF transfers for garments are priced as follows:
Adult 10" (£5.25)
Adult 8" (£4.75)
Child 6" (£4.25)
Child 4" (£3.75)
Pocket 3" (£3.25)


I appreciate you may have another place in mind for the garments, but based on if you were purchasing the blank from me also, Prices for garments are:
Kids Tshirt (£3.75)
Kids Sweatshirts (£9.75)
Kids Hoodies (£11.75)
Adult Tshirts (£4.95)
Adult Sweatshirts (£11.95)
Adult Hoodies (£15.95)


Shipping is £5


So with that all said, 1 garment if you had a 1-off t-shirt order, say with an 8" transfer would be £4.75 + £4.75 + £5 postage. (£14.50) however, in order to be cost-effective, let's say you do the Facebook pre-order mentioned above then say for example, you have 4 orders? so 4X£4.75 for the 4x8" transfers is £19, and then 4x£4.75 for the t-shirts is £19, that's now £38. I offer free postage on orders over £35, so your £38 divided by the 4 shirts makes them £9.50 each, which is a lot better than the £14.50 per t-shirt.


Then, if you go the extra step, where say you get about 10 orders, well that goes to the next level where you could think about ordering a 1M custom sheet. which is a 22" X 39" transfer sheet that I could more than likely fit all 10 designs on for £25. So your 10 designs for £25, and your 10 t-shirts at £4.75 = £65.75, free postage again as it's over £35, which divided by the 10 t-shirts makes it £6.57 a t-shirt!


So using tools like doing pre-order posts, giving your customers a time frame on ordering etc, means you can then make the most of your order with me. So 1 t-shirt at £14.50, say you were selling them for £18, is only £3.50 profit, then turns into 10 shirts costing you £6.57 meaning you fan make £11.43 profit per shirt. 


I hope this post has helped highlight the mockup tool I provide as well as some tips I use to make sales without outlaying any money!


If you have any questions, please feel free to join our Facebook VIP group and get in touch -
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