Whoopsie Blind Bag UVDTF Singles!

Whoopsie Blind Bag UVDTF Singles!

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Hi Besties,

Made a boo boo and somehow managed to adjust some 3" designs and they are slightly taller or wider than they should be. 

The UVDTF is perfectly fine and not damaged in any way, but my OCD wont let me sell them normally as I can tell they have been stretched slightly and the proportions are off so figured lets do them as mini blind whoopsie bags.

Each whoopsie bag will have 6 different* UVDTF singles inside for just £3. Thats just 50p each. Not bad for a tester, something for the kids to make their own cups, or, lets be honest, if you can't see anything wrong with it when you get it, the call it a brucey bonus getting it so cheap :P

*Please note, if you buy more than 1, I'll do my best to get you a variety but it depends what I have on hand.